Our mission

Is to provide our student athletes with the highest caliber of college preparatory education while teaching them invaluable life skills, which will serve as a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. We do all of this while still providing them with the highest level of youth soccer training. Our commitment to our student athletes is to academically prepare them for application and acceptance to the finest universities in the U.S.

Our quality

To providing an extraordinary education for our students led to our determination to find a group of educators who were aligned with the core values – integrity, hard work, respect, discipline, selflessness, goal attainment, and commitment to excellence – that have been ingrained into the DNA of Garden City Academy of Sports.

Our teachers

For the upcoming academic year are bright, talented and extremely well educated individuals who will foster an excitement about learning in our academy students. A low student-to-teacher ratio will ensure that each student obtains individual attention. In addition, faculty members will be available to provide special sessions to students needing or wanting additional assistance.

Our goal

Is not only to provide the highest caliber of youth sports training in the nation but also to provide our students with mentors who will have a lasting and positive impact on their values and goals. Our training and educational process will teach teamwork, responsibility, discipline, humility, self-esteem and leadership. Our students will not only be able to compete at high levels of sports, but will also learn, grow, and mature in a nurturing, friendly, and academic environment, giving them the personal foundation to become successful in their lives.

Our pride

Is the successful combination of on-campus tutoring, high school academic advising, college eligibility advising, and general student-athlete support provided for our students during the academic years.

Our commitment

Garden City Academy of Sports will assist and ensure that 100% of our graduates are offered full scholarships to attend higher education institutions such as: Stanford University, University of Texas Pan American, UCLA, University of Virginia, University of Louisville, Air Force Academy, University of New Mexico, Marquette University, University of Denver, University of Mobile, and many other distinguished sports and academic programs in the USA. 

Our history

During the previous academic years, we have already had students commit to: University of Maryland College Park, University of Mobile, Iowa Western Community College, University of Texas Pan American, University of Memphis, Arkansas State University, Texas State College. In addition, many of our players are on college coaches’ radars.

Our endorsement

A number of the college coaches have made multiple trips to Port Harcourt to watch our student-athletes train. In addition, the Garden City Academy of Sports coaches and supporting staff are in frequent communication with college coaches around the U.S. as level of interest in our players is rapidly growing with the continuous success of the academy.