Garden City Academy of Sports boasts an unrivaled track record when it comes to helping prepare and send student-athletes to high-performing universities. The reason? Personal support and knowledgeable guidance throughout the process from our collegiate acceptance and eligibility experts.

College Planning and Placement Center

Our College Planning and Placement Center works with all student-athletes starting in 9th grade (including post-graduates) to create an individualized road map for finding and gaining acceptance to the college that best fits their goals and needs. It consists of:

College Planning

  • Support college search and application process
  • Coordinate communication between advisor, student-athlete and family
  • Engage college admissions staff

Working in group settings, our staff involves each student in the total planning process.

Athletic Recruiting

  • Build a web-based profile, including highlight video and academic transcripts, through GCA International  Sport  Recruitment  Management  System
  • Sport coaches work with Garden City Academy of Sports recruiting advisors to create a specific recruiting plan.

NCAA Compliance Education

The staff of the Center works to educate each student, family, coach, and Garden City Academy of Sports staff member with the nuances of NCAA eligibility.  The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is a made up of college and university member institutions which develop and implement rules and regulations to determine participation and protect fairness in every sport.

  • Navigation of the NCAA’s rules of eligibility, including educational workshops, tracking of recruitment activities and overseeing of amateurism issues

Academic Support

The term – student-athlete—implies the importance of being well prepared academically for the challenges that collegiate life will afford.  The SAT/ACT semester class is a comprehensive College prep course designed to prepare for the rigors of  the two most common college admission exams.    common college admission exams.


The focus of the curriculum at Garden City Academy of Sports is to develop critical thinking skills and capacities through the study of traditional subject area material. The primary goal is to more than adequately prepare students for a successful college experience. The school’s college preparatory curriculum prepares its student-athletes to successfully manage the rigorous schedule of scholarly and athletic demands of university life.

The faculty incorporates the ascending critical thinking skills as critical to the successful 21st Century learner. For instance, critical thinking questions guide teachers’ daily lessons and encourage student discussion. Analytic writing is incorporated across all subject areas, most notably in mathematics and science. Student assessments such as tests and exams emphasize short answer and essay writing rather than true/false, multiple-choice and matching.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows teachers to customize lesson plans to the needs of the students based on athletic schedules and special learning needs.


A post-graduate school year is an additional year after high school graduation. Students benefit from in this program for many reasons including an extra year to mature physically and mentally, to improve one’s academic profile, and enhance athletic ability to earn a collegiate scholarship. All post-high school students are required to participate in our College Planning Seminar to guide students through the admissions & recruitment process.

This half-day academic program is perfect for  students  to improve their academic English and Mathematics before applying to an American college or University.  In addition to the three academic classes, students will also receive TOEFL and SAT/ACT preparation, exams that are required by most U.S. colleges and universities for international students.

The Post High School Program also includes college advising from the Garden City Academy of Sports College Planning and Placement Office.  All post high school students are assigned a college advisor that will guide students through the application and recruitment process.



English department is comprised of teachers with diverse teaching approaches, interests, and backgrounds. While teaching styles vary, there are three areas of focus: literary analysis and critical thinking; formal writing, with emphasis on literary analysis essays and research-based writing; and grammar, mechanics, and vocabulary building. The overarching goal of the English Department is to develop students into stronger writers and thinkers in preparation for college.


The mission of the mathematics department is to prepare our unique population of student-athletes for success in college mathematics and future real-world applications of mathematics. In all courses the focus of the math department strives to develop, strengthen and expand skills that encourage conceptual, abstract, and critical thinking in mathematics.


Science Department strives to provide a current foundation in the elements of scientific method, theory, applicability and laboratory practice that will encourage the student to acquire an in-depth appreciation of the scientific enterprise. We explore the key role of science in human endeavor and practice a problem-solving, hands-on approach that allows the student to observe, analyze and apply solutions to the personal experience and progression to the global community. Students are encouraged to take four years of high school science.


The Social Studies curriculum offers core history subjects.  It follows a progression of Social Studies classes. The core classes in order of progression are Nigeria History, World Cultures I & II, and American History.


The Department of Foreign Languages consists of language teachers of French, German and Spanish. Emphasis is placed on teaching language, literature and culture of the subject area. Our Foreign Language teachers adhere to the World Language Standards for lesson planning and assess students using the four language benchmarks of speaking, reading, writing and listening.