Applying to Garden City Academy of Sports can have a profound impact on your future as a student-athlete.

While we welcome applicants of all backgrounds, attending the Garden City Academy of Sports prep school program requires some common characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Garden City Academy of Sports look for in a student-athlete?

Garden City Academy of Sports looks for student-athletes who have a strong commitment to academics, athletics and personal growth. Student-athletes must be diligent in their school, sport and community duties, with a willingness to give their all in each area.

What is the Admissions process?

All prospective student-athletes must submit a completed application, including academic records and recommendations. Also, we strongly encourage all prospective families to schedule a visit of the campus through the Student-Athlete Advisor of their respective sport program. The visit might include a class shadow experience and meetings with Admissions staff, coaches and faculty.

Commitment. Self-Discipline. Passion. Dedication.

Summary of Requirements for Application:

Step 1:  Submit a completed application.

Step 2:  Campus Visit and Interview

We recommend that all prospective student-athletes visit the Academy. If necessary, an interview will be arranged with the Office of Admissions. Ideally, this interview would take place during a one-week camp program at the Academy

Step 3:  Application Deadlines

We enroll a limited number of students annually from a large pool of qualified applicants, so we encourage all interested student-athletes to submit an application as early as possible.

Completed applications received after the deadline, will be reviewed on a weekly basis depending on space availability.

Step 4:  Decision/Tuition Enrollment Agreement/Deposit

Notification of decision will be sent on the 15th of each month. If offered admission to Garden City Academy of Sports, a Tuition Enrollment Agreement (TEA) will be sent and must be returned by the date indicated, with the required financial deposit.

Is the Admissions process competitive?

Absolutely, each sport has a predetermined number of spaces available and Garden City Academy of Sports classes are capped to maintain low student-to-teacher ratios.

How good do I have to be at my sport?

While each Garden City Academy of Sports has different qualifications for participation, all of our sport programs share a common denominator in that athletic performance is not the determining frequently asked questions factor in acceptance. Most importantly, all prospective student-athletes are required to have a passion for their sport and a motivation to reach their full potential.

What is the minimum age?

From Age 10 and, above.

What if a student-athlete gets injured?

If an injury occurs that keeps a student-athlete away from normal training and participation, they are transferred into the Injured Athlete Program (IAP). IAP places the injured student-athlete into the Athletic and Personal Development program, which will allow them to seamlessly transition back into their sport after rehabilitation and receiving a medical release for participation.

How do I apply?

Follow all instructions in the application, then email it to, or mail to: Garden City Academy of Sports, Admissions Office.

When is the deadline for the 2015-2016 year?

There are various deadlines. Please refer to the dates listed on the application or contact us at or +2348063141958.

Will I be offered a Scholarship in U.S University upon graduation from Garden City Academy of Sports?

Yes! Our Students are guaranteed scholarships in a U.S College and University.

For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at (234) 806 314 1958 or via email at