You’ll begin each day with a balanced, nutritional breakfast in the private Academy dining room located adjacent to your dormitory – as well as hearty dinners and healthy snacks options. Your diet will be closely monitored and addressed as your nutrition is a critical component to your athletic success.

After school each day is when the athletic training kicks in. Whether it’s physical conditioning, regimented practice times, classroom training, or one-on-one coaching, the focus is on athletic conditioning and improvement each day.

Campus supervisors will also lead directed study halls and life skills classes in the evenings; and most students receive private tutoring or college test preparation. Of course there is also much needed down time, an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate before each new day. A friendly game of ping pong, FIFA tournament or soccer tennis are popular activities.

The on-campus experience is much like it would be on a university campus. Our goal is to ensure every student-athlete has the opportunity to succeed at the next level in their sport of choice and career.