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You’ll begin each day with a balanced, nutritional breakfast in the private Academy dining room located adjacent to your dormitory – as well as hearty dinners and healthy snacks options. Your diet will be closely monitored and addressed as your nutrition is a critical component to your athletic success.

After school each day is when the athletic training kicks in. Whether it’s physical conditioning, regimented practice times, classroom training, or one-on-one coaching, the focus is on athletic conditioning and improvement each day.

Campus supervisors will also lead directed study halls and life skills classes in the evenings; and most students receive private tutoring or college test preparation. Of course there is also much needed down time, an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate before each new day. A friendly game of ping pong, FIFA tournament or soccer tennis are popular activities.

The on-campus experience is much like it would be on a university campus. Our goal is to ensure every student-athlete has the opportunity to succeed at the next level in their sport of choice and career.


The 40-acre academy setting surrounding our sports facility is a beautiful campus that makes most academies turn green with envy. No other facility is like this in Nigeria and it truly makes student life an experience that will be cherished forever. Premier facilities, along with the best soccer coaches, dedicated management, and students with diverse backgrounds all sharing the common goal of creating the best academy are what make Garden City Academy of Sports the unique place it is.

  • Not only will your child forge special bonds with teammates that will last a lifetime, students at Garden City Academy of Sports will also have a chance to receive additional coaching from the world’s best coaches.
  • The best teams in Premier League football and our national team will train at Garden City Academy of Sports and your child will be able to watch training and scrimmages and to rub elbows with the top players. Now that’s an experience they can’t get anywhere else!


To be the best, you must compete and train with the best. The athletic training at Garden City Academy of Sports will meet every goal of the most ambitious student athlete. The goal is to prepare you to excel athletically in a nurturing environment that instills the qualities of commitment, discipline, accountability, and passion. You will receive the finest all-around youth sports training in the nation.


It has become a well-established fact that in addition to their mastery of the game, the most successful athletes owe much of their competitive advantage to top level physical fitness, improved endurance and optimal conditioning.
The facilities at the Garden City Academy of Sports are rated among the finest in the world; enabling you to have fitness and training programs custom tailored to your own specific talents and needs.


Healthy Minds and Bodies: A Focus on Nutrition
You will receive a personalized nutrition evaluation, which is monitored throughout the academic year. Individually-crafted nutrition plans support vigorous training and energy demands, while promoting health and wellness. You learn how to properly fuel and hydrate your bodies, thus becoming instilled with the daily nutritional habits that lead to a lifetime of fitness and good health. Each meal is calibrated to supply just the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fluids that athletes need to perform at their best.

Garden City Academy of Sports

21 Igboukwu Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt,

River State, Nigeria

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