Garden City Academy of Sports philosophy seeks to attract, develop and prepare motivated student athletes with the skills needed to successfully face new challenges presented to them by sports, academics and life. All resources are dedicated to nurturing the talents of each individual under our core values of honesty, integrity, respect, commitment, teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline. We strongly believe in these values and operate the Academy under the following tenets:

Identify, develop and prepare student-athletes to be all they can be —personally, athletically and academically– and provide a foundation for success for them in all aspects of their lives so that each individual can achieve personal balance.
Provide a safe family environment away from home that nurtures and develops the individual talents of each student athlete while instilling in them qualities of commitment, responsibility and teamwork.
Create the finest youth sports training environment in the nation using a development regimen created by one of the most experienced coaching staffs in the country–a staff comprised of both former Nigeria and US Soccer National Team players with extensive local and international professional experience.
Enhance the tactical and technical skills of our Academy athletes through competition against top rated national and international teams.
To ensure that all the academy graduate benefit full scholarship into US University.
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Garden City Academy of Sports coaching staffs have a unique philosophy of training and are recognized nationally and internationally for their professional playing and coaching experience.  They have all played and coached at the highest levels, international, national teams, professional, and collegiate.  Their commitment and dedication is to youth development, training, and coaching.  Their success is a testimony to their ability to transform talented student athletes in to outstanding competitive players.

Garden City Academy of Sports has assembled a high caliber coaching staff of professionals to ensure your child’s success on and off the field.

They believe in true athletics and embed our core values of integrity, hard work, respect, discipline, selflessness, goal attainment and a commitment to excellence into our student athletes.

Our administrative and supportive staffs are professionals dedicated to encouraging self-esteem in individual athletes, pride in the academy community and a culture that will build a lifetime of friendships and memories that cannot be found anywhere else.


Garden City Academy of Sports revolutionizes academy training with the newest, most complete campus-style setting in the nation. Garden City Academy of Sports students have full access to this spectacular sports facility.

Garden City Academy of Sports state-of-the-art facilities foster excellence in individual and team development. Garden City Academy of Sports provides an all-inclusive sports training environment where athletes can polish their strengths and perfect their individual playing skills while bonding into championship teams.