Our Philosophy is to attract, develop and
prepare motivated students athletes with the
skills needed to successfully face new
challenges presented to them by

sports, academics and life



Garden City Academy of Sports

We are an independent sports school in the heart of Port Harcourt.
Our campus looks like a college with a program that is designed to get you there.
Coaches and teachers will challenge and inspire you.
Make friends that will last a life time.


Garden City Academy of Sports revolutionizes academy training with the newest, most complete campus-style setting in the nation.
Garden City Academy of Sports students have full access to this spectacular sports facility.
Garden City Academy of Sports state-of-the-art facilities foster excellence in individual and team development. Garden City Academy of Sports provides an all-inclusive sports training environment where athletes can polish their strengths and perfect their individual playing skills while bonding into championship teams.

Our Commitment

Garden City Academy of Sports will assist and ensure that 100% of our graduates are offered full scholarships to attend higher education institutions such as: Stanford University, University of Texas Pan American, UCLA, University of Virginia, University of Louisville, Air Force Academy, University of New Mexico, Marquette University, University of Denver, University of Mobile, and many other distinguished sports and academic programs in the USA

Our history

During the previous academic years, we have already had students commit to: University of Maryland College Park, University of Mobile, Iowa Western Community College, University of Texas Pan American, University of Memphis, Arkansas State University, Texas State College. In addition, many of our players are on college coaches’ radars.

Our endorsement

A number of the college coaches have made multiple trips to Port Harcourt to watch our student-athletes train. In addition, the Garden City Academy of Sports coaches and supporting staff are in frequent communication with college coaches around the U.S. as level of interest in our players is rapidly growing with the continuous success of the academy.